A Christian, Classical, College Preparatory School  

Faculty and Staff Directory

  Name Title Group Contact
Cynthia Alanis Alanis, Cynthia Lower/Upper School: Technology and Journalism Teacher (281) 359-1090
Jill Albert Albert, Jill Lower/Upper School: Physical Education Teacher and Athletics Coach (281) 359-1090
Shirley Astwood Astwood, Shirley Lower School: Music Teacher, Strings
Bradley Baggett Baggett, Bradley Head of School and Chief Executive Officer 281-359-1090
Daniel Baker Baker, Daniel Upper School: Humanities and Athletics Coach FineArtSurvey (281) 312-6437
Linda Barr Barr, Linda Lower School: Teaching Assistant (281) 359-1090
Michelle Batterson Batterson, Michelle Lower School: Reading and Language Arts Teacher, Third Grade (281) 359-1090
Rita Baucom Baucom, Rita Upper School: Campus Coordinator (281) 312-6437
Joan Campbell Campbell, Joan Upper School: English and Fine Arts and Division Director, Upper School Humanities FineArtSurvey (281) 312-6437
Brooke Ceravolo Ceravolo, Brooke Administrative Assistant, Student Services (281) 359-1090
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Gordon Craig Craig, Gordon Lower/Upper School: Music Teacher FineArtSurvey (281) 359-1090
Marcia Craig Craig, Marcia Lower School: Reading and Language Arts, Fourth Grade (281) 359-1090
Jessica Crowell Crowell, Jessica Teacher 2813591090
Jason Driver Driver, Jason Lower School: 5th Grade Teacher and Athletic Coach (281) 359-1090
Andrea Essling Essling, Andrea
Pilar Evans Evans, Pilar Upper School: Nurse and Receptionist (281) 312-6437
Karen (Kay) Freeman Freeman, Karen (Kay) Lower School: Fifth & Sixth Grade Reading and Bible (281) 359-1090
Ashton Friedel Friedel, Ashton Lower School: Kindergarten Teacher and Department Chair, Kindergarten Prep and Kindergarten (281) 359-1090
Ruth Ann Goodwin Goodwin, Ruth Ann Lower/Upper School: Director of Student Services and Fun (281) 359-1090
Katherine (Katie) Hendricks Hendricks, Katherine (Katie) Lower School: Music/Science Teacher (281) 359-1090
Lorraine Hill Hill, Lorraine Int. Director Academics
Pamela Hill Hill, Pamela Upper School: Spanish Teacher and Division Director, Student Advisement (281) 312-6437
Mary Ellen Holmes Holmes, Mary Ellen Lower/Upper School: Administrative Assistant to Heads of School (281) 312-6437
Allison Howard Howard, Allison Upper School Mathematices and Science Teacher (281) 312-6437
Royce Huseman Huseman, Royce Assistant Director of Athletics
Alison Keillor Keillor, Alison Business Office Assistant and Accounts Payable (281) 312-6437
Becky Kelley Kelley, Becky Lower School: Food Services Manager (281) 359-1090
Kim Knight Knight, Kim Lower School: First Grade Teacher, Department Chair - First & Second Grade (281) 359-1090
Aarron Large Large, Aarron Upper School: Mathematics and Science Teacher (281) 312-6437
Austin Lilley Lilley, Austin Lower/Upper School: Substitute (281) 359-1090
Belinda Martinez Martinez, Belinda Lower School: Director of Extended Care (281) 359-1090
Gwen McCormick McCormick, Gwen Administrative Assistant, Front Desk, Attendance and Communcations (281) 359-1090
Sherry Mears Mears, Sherry Upper School: Technology Teacher and IT Coordinator
Nicolas Moore Moore, Nicolas Upper School: Humanities Teacher and Department Chair, Foreign Language (281) 312-6437
Donale Morte Morte, Donale Lower School: Kindergarten Prep Teacher (281) 359-1090
Erica Nevenglosky Nevenglosky, Erica Lower School: Second Grade Teacher (281) 359-1090
Aaron Penland Penland, Aaron Upper School: Science Teacher and Department Chair, Science (281) 312-6437
Courtney Penland Penland, Courtney Lower School: Fifth and Sixth Grade Math Teacher (281) 312-6437
Samuel Priest Priest, Samuel Lower School Science Teacher (281) 359-1090
Sue Rush Rush, Sue Business Office: Director (281) 312-6437
Kenny Ryan Ryan, Kenny Lower School: Third Grade Teacher (281) 359-1090
Anna Saucier Saucier, Anna Lower School: First Grade Teacher (281) 359-1090
Terri Simpson Simpson, Terri Upper School: Mathematics Teacher and Department Director, Mathematics and Science (281) 312-6437
Zoe Simpson Simpson, Zoe
Cody Smoot Smoot, Cody Upper School: Bible Teacher (281) 359-1090
Monica Songer Songer, Monica Lower School: Nurse (281) 359-1090
Lauren Stafford Stafford, Lauren Lower School: Language Arts Teacher, Fifth and Sixth Grade and Primary Latin Teacher (281) 359-1090
Raymond Stafford Stafford, Raymond Lower School: History and Mathematics Teacher, Fourth Grade (281) 359-1090
Katie Stamps Stamps, Katie Lower School: Kindergarten Teacher 281-359-1090
Renee Stevens Stevens, Renee Lower School: First Grade Teacher
Michael Thompson Thompson, Michael Upper School: Humanities Teacher and Department Chair, History and Theology (281) 312-6437
Joni Thrift Thrift, Joni Lower School: Kindergarten Teacher (281) 359-1090
Sheri Tomiello Tomiello, Sheri Admissions: Director (281) 359-1090
Ronald Vaughn Vaughn, Ronald Transportation Manager (281) 359-1090
Claudia Vincent Vincent, Claudia Lower School: Director of Library Services and Department Chair (281) 359-1090
Gaylynn Vorndran Vorndran, Gaylynn Lower School: Kindergarten Prep Teacher (281) 359-1090
Adam West West, Adam Lower School: PE Teacher
Kristin Wing Wing, Kristin Lower/Upper School: Art Teacher FineArtSurvey (281) 359-1090