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A Christian, Classical, College Preparatory School  

Upper School Technology

As students advance in age computer skills become a more important part of thier daily academic lives. The Covenant Preparatory School teaches computer skills student need to be successful academic citizens.

Students learn to:

​​*  Use email to receive and submit school work
​*  Collaboration via cloud technology
*  Apply word processing skills
​*  Apply MLA formatting to papers
​*  Develop spreadsheets
​*  Develop dynamic multimedia presentations
​*  Create, manipulate, & integrate digital images
​*  Create, manipulate, & integrate audio files
​*  Manipulate, & integrate video files
*  Laws regarding copyright, fair use, public domain, & creative commons
​*  Create & integrate QRkeys


Covenant offers several technology classes for ninth through twelfth grade students. Although only one technology credit is required for graduation, many students choose to take technology courses as electives. Popular classes include:

Business Communication Information Systems (BCIS) ─ Students learn how to use Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and other programs in a business environment. Currently using 2013 versions of the Office Products. This course is taught so that students are prepared to take the Microsoft Certification Core Exam in Word and Exel.  Those desiring can take the certification exams at Lonestar college testing center.

Desktop Publishing ─ Students learn aspects of photography,  picture editing techniques and creation of graphical layouts.  Upon completion of the class, students will have created the official Covenant yearbook.

Introduction to Programming ─ Students will learn programming concepts through the building of 3D virtual worlds, simulations and games.  Students will develop fundamental skills such as problem solving, algorithmic thinking and critical thinking.  A student will take a presented problem, identify the components, break it down into units, identify reusable units, and implement the solution.  These computational thinking skills will give the student the ability to tackle any problem with confidence, break down the most complex problems, and learn determination in problem solving.