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Uniform Polo


T-Shirt, Grey – We Are Covenant


Men’s Polo (Crimson & White options)


Men’s ¼ Zip Pull Over (Crimson)


Women’s ¼ Zip Pull Over (Graphite)


Men’s Stripe Tech ¼ Zip (Graphite/White)


Women’s Strip Tech ¼ Zip (Crimson/White)


Men’s Fleece Hoody (Crimson)


Women’s Fleece Hoody (Crimson)


Youth Hoody (Grey)


Warm Up Jacket – Adult Sizes (Graphite/White)


Warm Up Jacket – Youth Sizes (Graphite/White)


Women’s Jacket – Adult Sizes (Crimson)


Women’s Jacket – Youth Sizes (Graphite)


Friday Option T-shirt (Crimson)


Order Uniform Shirts and Outerware Online at Lands' End!

Parents may now also purchase uniforms through Lands' End.  Click the image below to be directed to the Lands' End store.

How to order from Lands' End

Uniform Store
Covenant Drawstring Bag
Women's 1/4 Zip Pull Over
Youth Hoody
We Are Covenant - Friday Option
Covenant Mug
Stripe Tech 1/4 Zip
Covenant Umbrella
Warm Up Jacket
Friday T-Shirt Option
Men's 1/4 Zip Pull Over
Fleece Hoody
Covenant Lanyard
Women's Jacket
Men's Polo's
Uniform Polo


For your convenience, parents may now purchase school uniforms at the Lower School Campus.

Show your Covenant pride with approved Knight Armor and other assorted spirit items found in The Covenant Store!

Wednesdays 2 - 5 p.m.