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Welcome To Covenant

Dear Visitors,

We are grateful you have taken the time to learn more about what makes The Covenant Preparatory School the premier Christian college preparatory school in the northeast Houston area. 

Covenant is a pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade college preparatory school committed to the glory of God through excellence in academics. At Covenant, our primary goal is the cultivation of young minds through a rigorous academic curriculum rooted firmly in a biblical worldview. Our aim is that our graduates are well-equipped and able to not only think critically at the highest academic levels but also to effectively engage the great issues of our day in a manner that is informed, articulate and biblical.

Consequently, we affirm the consistency of challenging academics and sound theology, teaching our students to glorify God with all of who they are: in heart, soul, and mind. We seek to impart to our students an understanding and love for all truth by demonstrating the interrelatedness of every academic discipline as a reflection of God's objective, unchanging nature. Finally, we seek to accomplish each of our academic goals within the context of a distinct student culture that promotes a love for learning and a commitment to do all things to the glory of God alone.

Thank you for visiting our website, and we encourage you to contact us so you may learn more about Covenant.