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Faculty and Staff Directory

Answer A High Calling


At The Covenant Preparatory School, we do more than impart knowledge and prepare children for great collegiate success; we answer God's call to develop and mentor the next generation of leaders so that they can impact our world for good.  We take this responsibility very seriously, and, yet, we find great joy from fulfilling the responsibility.  Experts in their subjects, Covenant faculty are committed to imparting a lifelong love of learning to students.

“Covenant enables me to pursue truth, wherever it leads.  Any school can answer the 'how' questions, but only a Christian school can answer questions that begin with 'why.'  I encourage my students to be inquisitive, to challenge conventional explanations, and to be willing to change their minds in the face of accurate information.”       Dr. Michael Thompson, Covenant Humanities Instructor

  Name Title Contact
Jill Albert Albert, Jill PE Teacher/Volleyball Coach 281-359-1090
Lori Barefield Barefield, Lori Lower School: 4th Grade Teacher 281-359-1090
Rita Baucom Baucom, Rita Upper School: Campus Coordinator 281-359-1090
Sandra Burgess Burgess, Sandra Lower School: 5th Grade English Teacher 281-359-1090
Aubree Capen Capen, Aubree Upper School: Spanish Teacher 281-359-1090
Erin Chaffee Chaffee, Erin Lower School: Second Grade Teacher 281-359-1090
Claudiu Cimpean Cimpean, Claudiu Head of Upper School 281-359-1090
Jessica Crowell Crowell, Jessica Upper School: Mathematics Teacher 281-359-1090
Freddie Goodson Goodson, Freddie Facilities: Maintenance 281-359-1090
Ruth Ann Goodwin Goodwin, Ruth Ann Lower/Upper School: Director of Student Services and Fun 281-359-1090
Brett Grayson Grayson, Brett Upper School: Humanities Teacher 281-359-1090
Lorraine Hill Hill, Lorraine Head of School 281-359-1090
Mary Ellen Holmes Holmes, Mary Ellen Lower/Upper School: Administrative Assistant to Head of School 281-359-1090
Madison Ingram Ingram, Madison Upper School: Science Teacher 281-359-1090
Shelley Inkster Inkster, Shelley Upper School: Science Teacher 281-359-1090
Amanda Isgate-Bussey Isgate-Bussey, Amanda Lower School: Third Grade Teacher 281-359-1090
Becky Kelley Kelley, Becky Food Services Manager 281-359-1090
Kim Knight Knight, Kim Lower School: First Grade Teacher, Department Chair - First & Second Grade 281-359-1090
Joan Luley Luley, Joan Upper School: English and Fine Arts and Division Director, Upper School Humanities 281-359-1090
Dustin Martin Martin, Dustin Upper School: Humanities Teacher 281-359-1090
Belinda Martinez Martinez, Belinda Lower School: Director of Extended Care 281-359-1090
Brooke McAdoo McAdoo, Brooke Administrative Assistant, Student Services 281-359-1090
Gwen McCormick McCormick, Gwen Administrative Assistant, Front Desk, Attendance and Communcations 281-359-1090
Nicolas Moore Moore, Nicolas Upper School: Latin Teacher 281-359-1090
Donale Morte Morte, Donale Lower School: Kindergarten Prep Teacher 281-359-1090
Erica Nevenglosky Nevenglosky, Erica Head of Lower School 281-359-1090
William Pollock Pollock, William Facilities: Maintenance 281-359-1090
Sarah Prudhomme Prudhomme, Sarah School Nurse 281-359-1090
Sue Rush Rush, Sue Business Office: Director 281-359-1090
Kenny Ryan Ryan, Kenny Lower School: Third Grade Teacher 281-359-1090
Karyn Ryder Ryder, Karyn Lower School: First Grade Teacher 281-359-1090
Deborah Schworak Schworak, Deborah Lower School: 5th & 6th Grade Math Teacher 281-359-1090
Tamara Shtyrkalo Shtyrkalo, Tamara Upper School: Mathematics and Science Teacher 281-359-1090
Terri Simpson Simpson, Terri Upper School: Mathematics Teacher and Department Director, Mathematics and Science 281-359-1090
Kyle Smithers Smithers, Kyle Teacher 281-731-6237
Katie Stamps Stamps, Katie Lower School: Kindergarten Teacher 281-359-1090
Michael Thompson Thompson, Michael Upper School: Humanities Teacher and Department Chair, History and Theology 281-359-1090
Joni Thrift Thrift, Joni Lower School: Kindergarten Teacher 281-359-1090
Sheri Tomiello Tomiello, Sheri Admission: Director 281-359-1090
Chris Trousdale Trousdale, Chris Middle School: Latin Teacher 281-359-1090
Teresa Trousdale Trousdale, Teresa School Counselor 281-359-1090
Ruth Turner Turner, Ruth Lower School: Teaching Assistant 281-359-1090
Ronald Vaughn Vaughn, Ronald Transportation Manager 281-359-1090
Andrea Villella Villella, Andrea Lower School: Second Grade Teacher 281-359-1090
Adam West West, Adam Lower School: PE Teacher 281-359-1090
Adrien Whatley Whatley, Adrien Art Teacher 281-359-1090
Margaret White White, Margaret Lower School: 6th Grade English Teacher Department Chair 5th & 6th Grade 281-359-1090
Sandy Wright Wright, Sandy Lower School: 5th & 6th Grade History/Bible Teacher 281-359-1090