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Visual Arts

The Covenant Preparatory School students enjoy the privileges of exploring a wide variety of artistic mediums in the visual arts, from drawing and painting, to sculpture and mixed media. Children are given ample opportunity to explore their personal artistic interests and develop their talents through both group and individual projects. Special emphasis is placed on teaching students that God has given everyone unique creative abilities that can be used for His glory. All students are equipped with the knowledge to appreciate visual works of art, as they develop in their understanding of how art can be used as a tool for expression, communication, and contributing to society. Christian principles are taught as they relate to specific artists and types of art. 

Artistic Accomplishments

A few of the skills students gain as they study and apply their knowledge of the visual arts include:

*  Recognizing artwork by renowned artists 
*  Manipulating a variety of media through various projects 
*  Identifying art mediums used, techniques and storylines 
*  Understanding and expressing thoughts about master works 
*  Finding inspiration in faith, surroundings, memories, imaginations and life experiences 
*  Comparing and contrasting colors, textures, forms, lines, shapes, spaces and values
*  Understanding the principles of art including pattern, emphasis, rhythm, balance, proportion and unity
*  Choosing the appropriate media to communicate visual ideas 
*  Analyzing how art is influenced by international, historical and political issues and trends 
*  Understanding color theory and how colors are created 
*  Creating original designs and works of art 


Lower school students engage in a hands-on approach to art, which is designed to enhance their love for beauty, as well as further develop the cognitive skills necessary for creative endeavors. 

Middle school students learn more advanced art techniques and focus on honing their skills as they study how art has been expressed in various cultures, traditions, time periods and styles. 

Upper school students are trained in appreciating and analyzing various visual art forms, as they learn how to express, influence and communicate their own artistic ideas to an audience. 

Image of student artwork