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College Advising

The focal point of Covenant’s college advising program is individualized college advising. Our college admissions experts collaborate with students and parents to facilitate the thoughtful selection, application, and admission to the top-choice colleges which will fulfill their educational and career needs.  

College advising at Covenant involves more than simply supplying the students with a list of universities. We work hand in hand with the students to develop short and long life goals, to understand themselves, to explore the world of work, to understand their decision-making process, and to engage in college planning. We take a holistic view of the student to ensure that any potential college will meet their education, religious, physical, social, and career needs.


Image of past colleges attended

Covenant students have been accepted to over 100 colleges and universities.  For a full list click here.


Covenant recommends that students and parents set up accounts with Naviance, an online college counseling and career readiness resource. Naviance enables students to collaborate with parents, teachers and counselors to find college and career paths that match their unique goals, skills and interests. It also helps students:

*  Research college options
*  Apply for scholarships
*  Manage application timelines and deadlines
*  Build resumes
*  Track applications and admission status
*  Communicate with deans


Many colleges seek to offer scholarships to students who have achieved academic excellence in high school and performed well on SAT and ACT tests.  Covenant offers one college scholarship opportunity for graduating seniors entering a college or university the fall after graduation.  This scholarship is available to students who have successfully completed Covenant's Spanish classes.

Recipients of scholarships are announced at the senior banquet held each May.  Students wishing to apply for the Spanish scholarship may do so by emailing Mrs. Holmes.  

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