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A Classical Approach

The Covenant Preparatory School equips students with the ability to think critically and communicate well via a three-stage classical approach to education.


Lower school students are immersed in learning facts across all disciplines, from math and science to language and history, etc. Research has shown this is the ideal time to lay the foundation for advanced study because children in this age group enjoy memorizing information.


Students in grades five through eight are taught how to think through arguments. Children learn cause and effect, as well as the relationships between different fields of knowledge. Students in this age group develop the skills to construct paragraphs, analyze and criticize texts, and apply the scientific method.


Upper school students learn to express themselves, writing and speaking their point of view with clarity and persuasiveness. Students in this stage take the foundational information they gathered in lower school and apply the rules of logic learned in fifth through eighth grades to share their thoughts, opinions and conclusions with eloquence.



* Latin, Grades 5 - 12

* Informal Logic, Grade 7 

* Formal Logic, Grade 8

* Introduction to Western 

* Philosophy, Grade 12 

* Rhetoric Thesis, Grade 12


Courses are based on curriculum guides written from a biblical framework and include field trips, mission trips and service projects. All courses are reviewed and updated annually to reflect best practices.

Textbooks may or may not be from Christian publishers; however, when a secular book is used, biblical principles are integrated by the instructor throughout the course.