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Building a Foundation

The primary goal of lower school instructors at The Covenant Preparatory School is to assist children in cultivating the fundamental skills critical to cognitive development. We equip them for future success across a variety of subjects by training them to learn facts by rote, from singing songs and reciting poetry, to literal memorization. Essentially, we are laying the foundation upon which all other learning will take place. During this stage, children’s minds are able to absorb a great deal  of information and most find learning a fun and engaging task.

Students are prepped to master the humanities subjects by learning the rules of phonics and grammar, as well as a variety of spelling words. Our students also commit to memory the facts of math and science, from multiplication tables and formulas, to the laws of nature and traits of plants, animals and humans. Scripture memorization is also practiced regularly as it is essential to the development of wisdom, knowledge and character.