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Developing Thinking Skills

Middle School Curriculum Guide

Middle school is an especially important time in a child’s development because it is during this stage that children begin forming world views and thinking for themselves.  They are no longer content to accept what their parents have told them but desire to know truth for themselves, many times becoming argumentative. Classical education understands that this is a natural development in students if students are going to become godly thinking adults. Rather than running from this developmental stage, Covenant embraces it by giving students the tools they need to analyze and reason in an appropriate and gracious manner (we jokingly say that if a student is going to argue, give them the tools to argue well). Covenant’s middle school instructors instill in students a biblical worldview, ensuring students reason correctly and pointing students to truth, goodness, and beauty.

Covenant middle school students enjoy a supportive environment in which they take Logic class, learning how to form arguments, order relationships, and analyze cause and effect. The principles of logic apply to a variety of academic disciplines, from math and science to the arts and humanities, strengthening students understanding in those areas. For example, logic strengthens writing as it allows students to methodically lay out their paragraphs in an English paper. It assists in computer classes, where students have to code for computer programming. In addition to informal and formal logic, students will master Latin during the middle school years.

Committed to ensuring students receive a well-rounded education, Covenant also offers a host of exciting athletics programs, including basketball, volleyball, track and field, swimming, tennis, and other co-curricular activities, like clubs.