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Developing Thinking Skills

Middle School is an especially important time in a child’s development because it is during this stage that children begin forming worldviews and thinking for themselves. The Covenant Preparatory School’s middle school instructors instill in students a biblical worldview, teaching them how to go beyond memorization and truly analyze the information they have been given.  Students gain an understanding of the cause and effect relationships between various fields of knowledge, and discover how to apply the art and science of correct reasoning across all areas of study.


Covenant middle school students enjoy a supportive environment in which  they learn how to form arguments and apply the rules of logic to a variety of academic disciplines, from math and science, to the arts and humanities.  In addition to learning both formal and informal logic, students master algebra, computer science and Latin. Committed to ensuring students receive a well-rounded education, Covenant also offers a host of exciting athletics programs, including basketball, volleyball, track and field, tennis and more.