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A Christian, Classical, College Preparatory School  

Technology and Higher Learning Converged

At The Covenant Preparatory School, preparing students to succeed in college and life is critical to our mission. In addition to our classical approach to education, we also strive to equip students with modern technology skills. To view the skills your student will be explosed to in computer classes, click the links to the left.


All students using technology at Covenant must read and sign, along with their parents, the school's Technology Acceptable Use Policy.  This form is also included with Covenant's online enrollment forms.  

BYOD POLICY (Bring Your Own Device)

Covenant will allow students, staff and teachers to use personal digital learning devices in school for educational purposes. The use of devices at school is not a necessity but a privilege. Students, teachers or staff wishing to participate must follow the Covenant Technology Policy and Agreement as well as the BYOD Policy.  All students choosing to bring their own device are required to complete the Personal Device Request Form.




Lower school campus has a computer lab for students as well as a suite of 20 library computers. Most lower school classrooms have one or more student computers or technology devices.

Upper School Campus has 3 mobile carts of technology devices for use in classrooms and are equiped with projectors and document cameras. Upper School campus maintains a subscription to Questia, a database that is accessible from Covenant or off-campus.

Students are assigned school email addresses and can check email and access files stored in the cloud via Google for Education accounts. Password protected Wi-Fi is provided throughout the school. On-campus internet searches on Covenant's wifi are safeguarded via a filtering service that prevents children from accessing sites with objectionable content.

Covenant continues to add Smart Boards (interactive whiteboards) to lower school classrooms as a tool to enhance learning and engage students.

Our robust information portal, Renweb, enables students and parents to view grades, absences, tardies, service hours, assignments and more.