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Coronavirus Update

School Status Summary

The health and safety of our students and our community is a top priority at Covenant.  We are closely monitoring the situation and tracking the spread of the virus.  Covenant's current plan forward is to start distance learning the week of March 23.  Upper School students begin on Tuesday, March 24 with Lower School students beginning on Wednesday, March 25.

We are very thankful for our partnership with you as we seek to keep our community safe and healthy.  Thank you for supporting the Covenant family and covering us in prayer as we work through these unusual and challenging circumstances.  Please check this page regularly for updates.

Resources on COVID-19

As the Coronavirus situation continues to develop, we remain diligent in our efforts to keep our community safe and healthy.  Here are some helpful resources to keep you informed on the situation.

CDC-COVID-19 - Situation Summary

CDC-COVID19 - Prevention & Treatment

Harris County Public Health

Houston Health Department

National Institute of Health

Harris County Self-Assessment Tool

Family Time Activities

As we transition to distance learning, we are also trying to balance the academic side with “fun,” family activities. We can appreciate that most of you did not envision being home with your children all day, so we will be sharing family-building activities regularly on Facebook.


Follow our Facebook page.  We post a myriad of fun activities, including Story time, Easy Cooking (a simple recipe that you can make with your children), Quick Baking lessons with Ms. Samantha, riddles for the day, craft projects, and much more that they can do in the comfort and safety of your own home.  Post pictures of your children completing these activities.  We miss seeing their smiling faces.  Let's make this an opportunity to create wonderful memories with our families that last for a lifetime.

Covenant Resources

We understand the transition to distance learning is not easy. Please know this is not ideal for us – we miss our students and would much rather have them in classrooms with us. 

During this process if you find your student or family experiencing anxiety and would like to talk with our counselor, Ms. Teresa Trousdale, she is available to video conference with you.  Contact her at

Similarly, if you have medical concerns, our nurses – Sarah Prudhomme at the Lower School ( and Christy Lennon at the Upper School ( are always willing to help.

Tips for success in distance learning

  • Organize a desk or workspace where you can do school work.
  • Make sure this space is a comfortable, quiet place without distractions. 
  • Distance learning is not a continuation of Spring Break or a vacation, so create a routine that allows yourself to successfully complete your course work on time.
  • Establish a daily routine as that helps you better engage the learning process. Although it may be tempting to remain in your pajamas all day or not wake up until noon, this may be counterproductive for learning. Most students thrive in some form of structure.
  • For the first few days, try to practice doing some school work during normal school hours as this helps to form a daily routine. Spend time to plan your day and create a schedule. Consistency is key to success in distance learning.
  • Make sure to include breaks in your routine, times when you go for a walk, eat outside, listen to music, etc. This provides your child’s brain a needed rest from studying.
  • Work diligently to complete assignments on time.
  • Complete all work with integrity and honesty. Distance learning can provide an opportunity to cheat, but this will only hurt you in the long-term as you will miss foundational concepts that will carry forward.
  • Communicate with your teachers when you do not understand something.
  • Check email and online platforms regularly for announcements, homework assignments, and schedule changes.
  • To balance academics, have your student participate in an extracurricular or exercise activity at least every other day. Students’ physical and spiritual health is just as important as their mental health.
  • Specials teachers will have activities on their YouTube channels.
  • Athletics will post workouts for students on their YouTube channel.
  • The Covenant Facebook page will post family-oriented activities every day.
  • Remain mindful of your child’s stress and/or worry levels. Ms. Trousdale, our Counselor, is available should you or your student need to talk or need guidance.
  • For a classroom issue or clarification of an assignment, contact your student’s teacher and then his/her principal.
  • For technical assistance, please contact the Covenant Tech Help Desk at the following: If that does not work, please email with your technical issues.
  • Also visit the Covenant Coronavirus page for frequently asked questions.


If parents or Upper School students need technical assistance they can visit the Covenant Tech Help Desk at the following URL

Fill out the required fields and click Submit. Upper School students please include a non-Covenant email if you can not access your school email.

Alternatively you can also email with your technical issues.

Covenant Communications

Frequently asked questions

Covenant is committed to the health and welfare of its students, parents, faculty, staff, and the community.  During this uncertain time, we can appreciate that you may have questions concerning COVID-19.  Please keep in mind that this content is advisory and based on information currently known to Covenant.  The best source of information and recommendations come from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


FAQ - Distance Learning