Covenant is committed to assisting parents in cultivating godly character and virtue by transforming hearts and minds. Spiritual Life at Covenant is much more than just chapel and Bible class. A Christian worldview is woven into every program from academics to athletics to fine arts. Covenant equips its students with the ability to effectively engage the great issues of our day in a manner that is informed, articulate and biblical (1 Peter 3:15). This allows our students to stand firm in truth in a shifting culture.

Spiritual Formation

Covenant is purposeful in its spiritual development of students and their acquisition of Christian values, using a variety of means to encourage and grow godly character in its students. More formal means include structured Bible curriculum for every grade level, memorization of Scripture, weekly chapel, daily prayer, mentoring groups, spiritual retreats, Upper School Bible studies, the House System, the Buddy System, service projects to instill a servant heart in students, and discipline from a Christian perspective. Covenant also has a Traditions Ceremony in which it reinforces spiritual milestones in students’ lives by presenting them with different
age-appropriate keepsakes, such as a Bible in Kindergarten or a walking staff to Seniors.

Chapel and Mentoring

Covenant students begin each week with Dedication by gathering together to honor God’s Word and praying for an exciting week of learning. Students recite the pledges and our Knight’s Code, unifying our school community. During the week, students attend chapel so that they can grow and mature in their faith. Local pastors and staff instill knowledge and truth in our students to inspire them to stand firm in an ever changing culture. We end the week with Benediction with grateful hearts as we thank God for lessons learned in the classroom. Students pray for a safe weekend, sing the “Tallis” Cannon, and the recite the Knight’s Code – Live Pure Speak True. Right Wrong. Follow Christ the King. If not for these ideals, why else was I born.

As a Christian school, one of Covenant’s major goals is to develop young Christian leaders who impact the world around them for Christ. A key component of this involves Faculty-Student mentoring. Students need to have someone to encourage them, listen to them, believe in them, and challenge them to make a difference. Mentoring is an integral part of our students’ growth and maturity in Christ, while also building unity within the Covenant school body. Studies show that students who believed their teachers cared for them learned more and were more emotionally, cognitively, and behaviorally engaged in class.

Classroom Instruction

Covenant is intentional in teaching Bible in a systematic and organized way so that students gain a better understanding of Christianity and their place in the world. Covenant ensures that all subjects are taught from a Christian worldview. A Christian worldview is essential to make certain that we are not simply replicating a progressive model of education, while merely adding a Bible course and a weekly chapel service. Rather, at Covenant our Christian worldview integrates into every course and subject we teach with the Bible serving as our foundation and standard for truth. For example:

  • Elementary Grades – the Grammar stage: Students focus on reading the Bible and memorizing Scripture, which provides an understanding of the doctrines of God, creation, man, sin, and salvation.
  • Middle School Grades – the Logic stage: Students continue to memorize Scripture but also focus on life application of principles and begin to better understand the world around them through a Christian lens.
  • High School Grades – the Rhetoric stage: Students take Old Testament, New Testament, systematic Theology (which provides an overview of the doctrines of the Bible), Philosophy/Ethics (in which students discuss the Bible’s position on current topics), and Spiritual Formation. These classes provide a doctrinal foundation for our students, while also helping them mature in their walk with Christ.

Mission Trips and Community Service

At Covenant, we take the Knights Code beyond the classroom, desiring to nurture a servant heart in its students. From our youngest Knight to our most mature Senior, our students realize that no matter their age, they can make a significant impact to the world around them. Covenant students have served people through various service projects: Gifts for Guatemala, Samaritan’s Purse/Operation Christmas Child, Houston Food Bank, mission trips, A Million Thanks (letters to veterans), the Village Learning Center, In Kids, and helping the local community during natural disasters.