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A Classical Approach


Classical education is an exciting and engaging journey that leads students in the pursuit of truth, goodness, and beauty. Two main distinctives are that it aligns curriculum with students’ natural development and honors children’s holistic development. By giving students opportunities to grow in mind, body, and spirit, they can be well-rounded individuals – ready to fulfill the calling God has placed in their hearts.

Classical education divides each student level into three effective stages of learning:

• Grammar: At the elementary level, children memorize facts and supporting information so they can obtain a strong grasp of core subjects.

• Logic: Middle school learning focuses on the analysis of facts and things they have learned in elementary. At this stage, they are presented with various schools of thought to help them think logically.

• Rhetoric: High school students are equipped to work on persuasive expression through public speaking and writing. Students are prepared to think critically and communicate their point of view through events such as Senior Rhetoric every April – they choose their own topic and research, write and prepare for their presentations.

Classical education creates students that are lifelong learners, equipping them with the means to effectively engage the world around them in a biblical manner. Whether you are a parent looking at the wonder of Grammar years, a student preparing to enter into the exciting middle school years, or a high school student, Covenant shepherds students’ minds and hearts for the glory of God, stressing the importance of truth, goodness, and beauty. Students’ success is not measured after a few months or a single year of time at Covenant, but rather over time, as students become godly men or women, even after they have left Covenant. Covenant imparts godly truths to our students that will outlast their short time at Covenant and help them to live pure, right wrongs, and follow Christ the King.