As a parent, you want your child to really experience their learning environment, engaging in conversations in the classroom, undertaking hands-on projects, and making connections across subject areas.  You don’t want them to get lost in crowded classrooms; you want to be sure they’re understanding, comprehending, and retaining all that they’re learning.

The Covenant Preparatory School’s classical Christian education provides a comprehensive approach to learning that aligns curriculum with a child’s natural development. At our school, it’s not about teaching to Texas standardized tests — it’s about holding our students and teachers to high standards. Our rigorous curriculum and classical approach enables learners to be critical thinkers and confident communicators through the mastery of math, reading, and writing.

Students become life-long learners, equipped with the spiritual and academic means to effectively engage the world around them in a biblical manner. Our graduates are prepared to be successful in college and empowered to pursue a career in any field they choose.

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Why Families Choose Covenant

Senior Student

Rigorous curriculum. Classical approach.

The three-stage classical approach to education (grammar, logic, and rhetoric) helps students not only master content and comprehension, but they also learn how subjects and concepts are interdisciplinary. Middle grade students may take high school-level courses in certain subject areas while high school grade students can choose from honors and AP courses.

Co-curriculars for every interest.

Whether a student is interested in STEM, the Fine Arts, or health and wellness, they will have opportunities to explore and experience different subject areas and interests. Starting in lower school and continuing throughout upper school, students participate in mission work, field trips, co-curriculars, and clubs.

Art class

Supportive student life.

From competitive athletics to the fine arts, Covenant students enjoy activities, events, and opportunities. Our House system provides a built-in support system for all students at every age; within each House, older students are matched with younger “buddies” as they mentor them and model Christian character, responsibility, service, and leadership.

Nurturing spiritual development.

Daily prayer, weekly chapel, and annual community service commitments keep our Covenant community Christ-centered. With an emphasis on nurturing a servant heart in our students, we provide age-appropriate opportunities for mission and service, both local and international. 

Bible Presentation
Biology Student

College preparedness.

High school students benefit from a dedicated College Advising class period to help prepare for the college application process. In addition to meeting individually with our College Advisor, students meet with college recruiters during visits to Covenant and college fairs, and while touring college campuses. Covenant students begin taking Latin in middle grades; studies show Latin improves SAT performance and helps with problem solving.

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Age 4

Preschoolers at Covenant receive a full day of instruction to ease them into lower school. The curriculum is structured so that it aligns with their cognitive development, introducing them to Covenant’s classical approach to education with a focus on early literacy skills. They’re supported and nurtured in classrooms with low student-to-teacher ratios (9:1).


Age 5

Covenant’s classical approach gives a solid introduction to academic fundamentals through engaging and interactive instruction. Core subjects — Bible, History, Math, Reading and Phonics, Science, and Writing — are studied through hands-on activities at different learning centers. Little learners develop early skills in organization, routine, and self-regulation, all while discovering a Christ-centered worldview.

Lower School

Grades 1-5

During the grammar stage of their classical education, students build a foundation for future learning while cultivating skills critical to this stage of their cognitive development. By utilizing their innate abilities through singing, reciting poetry, memorization, and exploration, children learn phonics and grammar rules, math and science facts, laws and traits of nature, and scripture, as they study a core curriculum of Bible, language arts, literature, penmanship, reading, and general and physical science.

Upper School

Middle Grades (6–8)

Moving into the logic stage of a classical Christian education, students learn to analyze information and think logically as they become more engaged, active, and self-advocating learners capable of handling a more rigorous curriculum. Core subject areas include Bible, History, Language Arts, Latin, Science, Logic, Math, and Roman Culture, and co-curriculars can be explored through electives and clubs.

Upper School

High School Grades (9–12)

The rhetoric stage is when students apply all of the individual components of their classical education, becoming authentic critical thinkers and persuasive communicators. Their learning experience is enriched with leadership opportunities, athletics, Student Council, and clubs. Every Covenant senior takes a year-long Senior Thesis class culminating in presenting their thesis paper to a panel of judges where they must defend their research and position.

My goal is to foster a lifelong love of learning by providing an environment that values questions and individual expression. I live for the ‘aha’ moment when a student truly grasps a concept. Being a part of that process is unbelievably rewarding.

– Kenny Ryan, 3rd Grade Teacher at Covenant

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