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A Classical Approach

Covenant seeks to holistically develop its students, mind, body and spirit, by utilizing a classical education model. Established during the age of scholars and philosophers, classical education provides a comprehensive approach to learning that aligns curriculum with a child’s natural development. The Trivium, a three-stage process, encompasses the following: the Grammar stage (elementary years), the Logic stage (middle school years), and the Rhetoric stage (the high school years). To learn more about each stage, click on the curriculum tab.

Classical education creates students that are life-long learners, equipping them with the spiritual and academic means to effectively engage the world around them in a biblical manner. Students are able to thrive in higher education and later career settings where they think critically at the highest academic levels, while also effectively engaging the great issues of our day in a manner that is informed, articulate and biblical. Covenant shepherds not only students’ minds but also their hearts and bodies for the glory of God, stressing the importance of truth, goodness, and beauty. We impart godly truths to our students that will outlast their short time at Covenant and help them to live virtuous lives as warriors for Christ.