House System


Covenant created the house system to provide a structure that fosters a distinct school culture by establishing student accountability, ownership, and leadership opportunities in a way that is intentional and personal. Covenant’s House system creates smaller communities within our larger student body so that students can experience a greater sense of belonging and community. Within each House, older students are also matched with younger “buddies” who then mentor them and model Christian character, responsibility, service, and leadership.


Every student and staff member at Covenant is placed into one of six houses: Elliot, Henry, Lewis, Schaeffer, Taylor, and Tolkien. The Houses are named after faithful Christian men from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries who lived lives of commitment to Christ, leaving legacies that we should remember and seek to emulate. Each house bears its own color and a slogan. Houses are shaped by the personalities of their members and led by the Seniors in their houses.

Throughout the year, students in the Covenant Houses become a close-knit community by attending house social events, competing against other houses, and earning points in various areas. Points can be earned in various areas, such as academics, services, and activities. The range in these areas reflects the diversity of our students as uniquely created by God in His image. Our students have different skills and talents which they use to glorify Him in a variety of ways.

House points are tallied at the end of each academic year and the house with the most points will be named champion. The winning house will be celebrated with various rewards.


Current Points

Elliot – 13480
Henry – 12671
Schaeffer – 11810
Lewis – 11155
Tolkien – 10725
Taylor – 10335

Current House Winner

Elliot House!

Previous House Winners

2019-2020: Elliot
2018-2019: Henry
2017-2018: Tolkien
2016-2017: Schaeffer
2015-2016: Henry
2014-2015: Taylor
2013-2014: Elliot