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A Christian, Classical, College Preparatory School  

Why Private School?

Why invest in private school? There are many differences between educational options available to families.  Private schools are founded with a distinct approach to education that is reflected in their mission and vision statements.  A mission statement allows you to choose the school whose philosophy of education more closely aligns with your family's needs. 

Private schools offer a more personal education and tend to have smaller class sizes.  This allows faculty to know their students as individuals and promote critical thinking skills and a life-long love of learning.  Faculty and staff at a private school have the freedom to emphasize a student culture that demonstrates a strong work ethic, is respectful to staff as well as one another, and is well-mannered and disciplined.  

Below are just a few highlights about The Covenant Preparatory School.  If you would like to learn more about what distinguishes Covenant from other schools, please contact Admission to schedule a campus visit or request more information: Visit Covenant

  • Classroom Size & Faculty
    • 9:1 Student to Teacher Ratio
      • Our 9:1 student to teacher ratio allows for students to receive more attention from teachers.

    • 38% of our faculty hold advanced degrees
    • 90% Teacher and Staff Retention
  • Academic Rigor
    • Our classical approach to education enables students to become critical thinkers and great communicators through the mastery of math, science, reading, and writing.  Students are empowered to pursue a career in any field and to perform well at the university level and beyond.

  • More Inclusive Athletics and Co-Curricular Activities

    • 14 sports programs offer students an opportunity to compete against other private schools at a local and state level.

    • A variety of clubs and leadership organizations allow students to develop leadership skills and pursue specific interests.

  • Class of 2019 Highlights:
    • $2,368,000 Total Scholarship Offerings — Average of $169,000 per Student

    • 100% college acceptance

    • Top 25% Average SAT Score — 1473

    • Average SAT Score for All Students — 1255

      SAT Chart


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